• Welcome to Sonata Systems!

  • Workday integration is our focus

  • We integrate using Workday Studio, EIB, Core Connect, Web Service SOAP/REST API technologies

  • We are exprienced HCM integrators

  • Cloud and Blockchain architecture, Real World Asset (RWA) platforms and business models

About Us

Sonata Systems serves Workdayâ„¢ customers with management and consulting services. We provide a team of experienced Workday professionals with decades of IT experience. On average, our consultants have 25+ years of experience in a broad spectrum of technologies and roles, from software engineering to strategic IT management. We are a team of experienced Workday consultants who focus on client-side implementation, not an implementation practice.

We also provide blockchain and cloud architecture, Real World Asset (RWA) modeling and market analysis, and full-stack software engineering services.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to helping Workday customers chart the course for implementation by providing imaginative approaches that deliver pragmatic solutions. We partner with your organization to navigate the implementation process and prepare your team for ongoing management of the system. Our goal is simple: Prepare your team to be completely self-sufficient managing Workday day-to-day after implementation.

We also deliver expert blockchain and cloud architecture, modeling, analysis and software implementation services.


Program & project leadership

We have experienced project managers that have managed several Workday implementations.

Change enablement

We can help enable change through insightful business process re-engineering practices.

Integration Development

We have delivered multiple successful Workday integrations for clients in three industries.

Integration Testing

We have very well established test practices for optimal scenario generation as integrations move from test tenet environments to production.

Report Development

We have built many reports for clients using Workday Report Writer.

Dashboard Development

We have built and expanded several dashboards to track key integration activity.

Business Process

We have experience analyzing existing business processes and re-engineering them to fully leverage Workday modules.

Workday Major Releases

We have experience in both first-time Workday implementations with large data migrations, and also refactoring exiting integrations for major Workday releases.


We help our clients become completely self-sufficient so they can manage Workday day-to-day after implementation.

Our Skills

We work with cross-functional teams to translate business requirements into integration deliverables using the following Workday technologies:

  • Workday Modules:
    HCM, Benefits, Advanced Compensation
  • Workday Studio Integration Development
  • Workday EIBs
  • Workday Core Connectors
  • Workday Document Transformation (XSLT, XTT/ETV)
  • Workday Web Services, SOAP & REST-based APIs
  • Workday Report Writer

Industries Served

We've helped integrate Workday with clients in the following industries:




Our Clients

Clients we've assisted during their Workday integration include The University of Vermont Medical Center, The City of Rochester, and Telus International

  • Visit University of Vermon Health Network...
  • Visit the City of Rochester, NY...
  • Visit Telus International...

Contact Information

Email: service@sonatasys.com

Address: Sonata Systems, Inc., 652 Highway 165, #873, Placitas, NM 87043-3035 USA